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Elite Training

A leading training center in Spain dedicated to advanced security training.

We offer specialized programs for aspiring security guards, private escorts, and explosive watchdogs, adapting to the most demanding professional and legal standards of the country.

Certified training for security professionals, aligned with national and international standards.

Learn from experts with field experience in security operations and defensive tactics.

Intensive practical training, advanced equipment, and updated techniques for real situations.

Training objectives and programs

Our programs are designed to equip security professionals with advanced skills, prevention techniques, and response to critical situations.

From risk management to explosive handling, each course focuses on providing practical and theoretical knowledge aligned with current regulations in Spain.

We use innovative teaching methodologies, combining theory and practice with cutting-edge technology. Our facilities are equipped with the latest advancements in security materials and tools, providing a realistic and high-quality learning environment.

Strict Compliance

To ensure the quality and professional relevance of our courses, admission to the AESS Special High Security Academy is conditional on previous experience and accreditation in security forces or state authorities. This requirement ensures that all our participants possess an adequate level of experience and knowledge in the field of security.

Other Services

AESS has at your disposal an exclusive and complete range of 360 services, designed to integrate seamlessly and guarantee a unique and secure experience.

In this way we can complement our elite educational programs focused on developing cutting-edge security skills, preparing professionals to face and manage contemporary challenges with confidence and effectiveness.

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